Applying a prefix when searching for a person, supplier, asset, or other item in Workday can help get you to your result faster.

You can find a list of prefixes available to you based on your security role assignments by entering a question mark symbol (?) in the Workday search field.

The Workday search field with a ? symbol entered.

Use the table to locate the corresponding prefix for the item you’d like to search for. In this example, we’ll use Supplier. The prefix for Supplier is supplier.


The Search Prefixes table.

To search using a prefix, enter the prefix, followed by a colon, and the name or code of the item you are searching for. In this example we will search for Staples Inc., by entering supplier: staples.

The search results, displaying Staples Inc.

Using a search prefix ensures you only receive a list of results that correspond directly to the prefix and the search criteria you enter, reducing the need to sort through unrelated records to get to what you need.

Search prefixes may also be used when searching in report fields, helping you drill down to specific data points faster.

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