Business processes in Workday

Business processes are in place to make sure operations at WSU run smoothly and effectively.

Anyone can view next steps and routing for a transaction they initiate by searching for the specific transaction in Workday.

Viewing business processes

University community members assigned the Financials Data View Only, HR Partner, or HR Analyst security role(s) can view business processes as both lists of steps and in a visual flowchart directly in Workday.

This Reference Guide lays out the steps to view the business process you are looking for.

Important business process approval terms:

  • Approve means the step is approved.
  • Send Back means the request will go back to the initiator for changes.
  • Deny means that the request is denied, and the business process is cancelled.

  • Mini Conclusions are alerts shown when a task is complete, rather than being sent to a conclusion page. This new step streamlines completing business process. You can learn more

For more detailed guides, you can find instructions for each business process at the Workday Knowledge Base.