For this week’s Workday tips and tricks, we will outline the steps WSU hourly employees can take to correct time worked.

Those working hourly must check-in and out in Workday to keep track of their hours, and then the time is submitted to receive accurate compensation.

What happens if you forget to clock out? Don’t sweat it. Here’s how to correct time:

  • From the Workday Home page select the Time application.
  • Choose the This Week button to view hours worked for that week.

  • An alert should show on the screen saying Unmatched Check In.
  • If you select the alert, a pop-up window for the day worked will allow you to enter the time you checked out for the day.

  • Make sure to make a note for your supervisor in the same window stating why time was manually entered.

To learn more about entering and correcting time in Workday, view this Reference Guide.

Stay tuned to catch more Workday tips and tricks here.