Reminder: Onboarding tasks for new hires

Are your new hires still pending onboarding tasks?

Incoming employees and contingent workers have inbox tasks to complete in Workday during their onboarding period. Completing these tasks in a timely manner ensures important deadlines aren’t missed that could negatively impact them, and will improve their initial experience with Workday and WSU. See Reference Guides including New Hire Onboarding and Onboarding for Add or Change Job for more details.

The Onboarding Status Summary report in Workday is a great way to identify outstanding onboarding tasks so you can encourage their timely completion. Instructions for running this handy report can be found here under the “Checking the Status of Employee Onboarding” section. If you are an HR Partner, please consider adding this report and follow up with your new hires to your regular Workday routine.