Spotlight: Workday for mobile devices

University employees and managers can use the Workday Mobile app on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. On the app, users can request time off, view reports, record hours worked, view their Workday inbox, and so on. For managers and supervisors, they can use the app to approve time off, expense reimbursements, transactions, and more.

Using Workday mobile is by choice

WSU employees are not required to use the mobile app on personal devices. All essential Workday tasks and functions can be performed from a university-provided computer.

Personal devices remain safe and private

The mobile option for Workday maintains the security and privacy of using a computer by using multi-factor authentication (MFA). Workday mobile sessions remain open as long as users are actively performing tasks in the system. Workday automatically logs users out following a 15-minute period of inactivity to protect sensitive data within Workday. To learn more, refer to the Workday Session Length and Security knowledge base article.

Workday mobile for WSU employees 

Here’s what you can do using Workday mobile:

  • Request time off
  • Record hours worked
  • Create an expense reimbursement request
  • View your inbox and notifications
  • View reports and dashboards

Workday mobile for managers and supervisors 

Managers and supervisors can use Workday mobile to:

  • Approve time off
  • Approve hours worked
  • Approve expense reimbursements
  • View your inbox and notifications
  • Approve transactions
  • View reports and dashboards

Still have questions? Visit the latest Workday Mobile knowledge base article or contact us via the Workday Service Desk at

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