Finance and grants data availability at launch

Workday for HR and Payroll processes launched on December 16, 2020, while Workday for Finance will launch on January 1, 2021. All financial information will be in Workday by the end of January. Here are more details:

  • To prepare for the launch of Workday, an accounting closeout must be completed for December using AIS. This allows the Modernization Team to collect the information needed to load ledger balances into Workday.
  • Information about awards and some supplier data will be loaded during the last week of December. This is because we’re currently in a freeze period while we cutover to the new system, and we cannot convert data while it is still changing.
  • In the meantime, those needing to access financial data can rely on legacy reports and systems because employees and faculty can still access AIS and the data warehouse.
  • The Modernization Team will load financial data into Workday after launch in January, including account balances and expenditure data for gifts, projects, grants, and general ledgers.
    • Projects and grants data covers everything from the beginning to present, and you may hear it referred to as “inception to date.”
    • Other types of funding are being loaded fiscal year (July 1, 2020) to date, including core funds and gifts.
    • It should be noted that this is a lengthy process, which includes multiple steps requiring validation.
  • Invoicing of grants is expected to resume in mid-January, and there will be a significant number of catch-up transactions to process once Workday for Finance launches.
  • Since the data will not be available until after launch, some reports won’t run properly right at launch on January 1. Employees will need to wait until the end of January at the latest to run certain reports, like budget-to-actuals, and to see available balances on accounts.
  • Workday will summarize legacy financial data rather than providing transaction-level details. Finance data will include ledger account-level balances for cost centers and monthly activity summaries. Grants will include legacy expenditure data in Workday for each account to the sub-object level. To view more detail at the transaction level, continue to access AIS or WEBI for legacy transactions.

We appreciate your patience as we work quickly and thoroughly to get Workday for WSU fully up and running.