Work continues on Adaptive Planning Project

Adaptive Planning is a budget tracking and planning tool that integrates with Workday. It will enable us to forecast budget models and make smarter decisions based on real-time data.

We’re currently in Phase 2, working on bringing Adaptive Planning online for the project team, and testing the integrations and data between Adaptive Planning and Workday.

The following activities have recently been completed:

  • Loading the FDM into the Adaptive Planning tool, with integrations to keep Workday and Adaptive in sync
  • Developing Sheets to plan for revenue, compensation expenses, non-compensation expenses, and pooled compensation expenses
  • Loading Budgets and Actuals from FY21 and FY22 into Adaptive

Upcoming Phase 2 activities include:

  • Developing Position Budget Models
  • Developing and reviewing initial reports
  • End-to-end and User Acceptance testing
  • Training for Central Budget Office
  • Cutover and Launch

Phase 2 is on track to be completed in the winter of 2022.

You can learn more about the Adaptive Planning Project on the project website.