Issue: Reports unable to download from Workday

Known Issue: Workday is currently experiencing issues preventing exporting reports to Excel.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown; Workday is actively investigating and will provide an update in the early afternoon.

Details: Currently in Workday, custom reports (any report beginning with “CR”) are unavailable to download as Excel files from Workday.

Users are receiving the following error message: Http Error: Server may be down or there is a problem with your internet connection. Please try signing in again. HTTP Status Code: 500.

The reports still run in Workday, even though they can’t be downloaded as Excel files. Reports can still be downloaded as PDF files, but pasting text from PDFs into Excel is problematic.

We know that payroll lock is today, and that it’s difficult to compare things within Workday. We recommend running the CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS) report doing your best to validate with the data in Workday.

Workday plans to provide an update in the early afternoon. The update may be that they are still working on this issue, but we will provide whatever information we have. We will continue to post updates to the Known Issues page on the Modernization website as we learn more.