Issue Update: Don’t change PCard transactions with grant worktags after approval

Known Issue: Changing a PCard transaction that has grant worktags after it’s been approved causes imbalances in revenue and expenses. WSU has submitted a case to Workday, and they are actively working to resolve this glitch. We will post additional updates as we know more.

Estimated Time to Resolution: This issue has been resolved.

Details: As reported previously, we’ve learned that when a PCard transaction that has grant worktags is changed (edited) after it’s already been approved, the Award Cost Process is not triggered. This leads to imbalances in revenues and expenses. This is because when the transaction is first approved, the expense posts to the grant, and revenue and F&A are recorded. But when the approved transaction is edited, the original expense remains billable on the award and the F&A and revenue are not removed. This is leading to duplicate expenses in some cases when departments resubmit their corrected transactions and the expenses, revenue, and F&A are recorded again on the grant after the second approval.

Manually reprocessing award costs does not fix the problem. Workday has implemented a fix, but it does not appear to be working for WSU or other schools. While we work to solve this issue, we ask that you do not change PCard transactions that have grant worktags after they have been approved. Instead, if a correction is needed after approval, create an accounting journal with the journal source: Expense Transfer, and include the original PCard transaction ID in the Memo field.

We will post updates to the Known Issues page and link back to this post.