New process resolves retro period access issue, allows you to run reports on behalf of another person in Workday

Do you use the following reports on a regular basis?

  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS)
  • CR PAY Expenses for Completed Pay Cycles/Periods
  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Detail

You can now access retroactive (retro) pay information in these reports using a new process called constrained proxy.

Constrained proxy allows you to run specific Workday reports as another person. You can run the same reports you’d run as yourself in Workday, but now you’ll see additional data because you’re using the other person’s security roles.

Constrained proxy helps departments gain access to Payroll Results Line details that include the Retro Period information that was removed due to security concerns. When you run any of the above reports using constrained proxy, you’ll see a column with retro pay information.

When using constrained proxy, you’re only able to run specific reports on behalf of that person. You aren’t able to see personal information about that person or any other person in Workday. The person who you want to proxy as must approve your request, and they can cancel this access at any time.

Constrained proxy will be available in Workday starting the afternoon of August 6.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to request, start, and stop constrained proxy. You can also watch these two short video demos (you’ll be asked to sign in to Microsoft Stream):

If you run those three reports for payroll in your area, constrained proxy will be useful for you.

You must have the Payroll View All security role in Workday to use constrained proxy. If you need this or other security roles, talk with your supervisor and your area’s Security Partner and follow the process outlined here.