Known Issue: Several Workday reports for payroll and time and absence are being rewritten to account for Payroll Results View being disabled previously due to a security concern.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: Disabling Payroll Results View from the worker profile in Workday due to a security concern caused the two payroll result lines (Pay Period and Retro) to no longer appear in reports.

While we still do not have a permanent solution for viewing Retro, there are several workarounds for Pay Period. One of these is rewriting the following Workday reports to pull that data from a different source:

  • CR PAY Expenses for Completed Pay Cycles/Periods
  • CR PAY Expenses for Pay Cycles/Periods
  • CR PAY Fringe Benefit Rate Calculation
  • CR PAY Hours Paid Summary for Fixed Term Hourly and Student Undergraduate Employees
  • CR PAY Hours Worked Summary for Non-Student and Student Hourly Employees
  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Detail
  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS)
  • CR PAY Payroll Results View from Journal Lines
  • CR PAY Work-Study Payroll Transactions

Please note: The Retro Period will not be available on the above mentioned reports.

We anticipate having the reports rewritten and active in Workday by mid-May. We will update you when this is complete.