August reporting updates

Here are the reporting updates for the month of August.

Report Modifications

Human Resources

  • CR HCM Find External Committee Member
    • We renamed this report CR HCM Find External Committee Members.


  • We have enhanced the billing date prompt and changed original prompt labels to match current standards in the following reports so that users can find transactions within a billing date range.
    • CR PRO Procurement Card Reconciliation Report (Not Verified)
    • CR PRO Procurement Card Reconciliation Report (Verified)
    • CR PRO Find Procurement Card Transactions (Not Verified)
    • CR PRO Find Procurement Card Transactions
    • CR PRO Find Expense Card Transactions Not Expensed
    • CR PRO Expense Card Reconciliation Report
  • CR FIN Find Travel Cash Advances
    • We updated this report to include columns for the worker who created the spend authorization, each line’s Cost Center, and each line’s amount. We also added a prompt that shows or hides line item detail, along with a prompt you can. check to “Include Spend Authorization Line Detail?” if you would like to see that information.
  • CR FIN Find Payments
    • For any supplier payment, this report shows the related Supplier ID.
  • The following reports now have optional prompts for Cost Center, Gift, and Program. We have also added these to the drilldown functionality as columns in the detail data window and as “View By” choices.
    • CR GRA PI Award Cost Share Summary
    • CR GRA SPS Award Cost Share Summary
  • CR PRO My Procurement Card Transaction Verifications
    • We created this report to replace the delivered report My Procurement Card Transaction Verifications and has two additional columns for supplier and merchant. To view merchant or supplier, select the corresponding prompt when running the report. 
    • On Thursday, September 1, we will hide the delivered report My Procurement Card Transaction Verifications, and the new report will also replace the “Procurement Card Transaction Verifications” link on the Purchases worklet (available from the Workday home page).
  • CR PRO Find Procurement Card Transactions
    • We added Supplier  as a column and optional prompt on this report.
  • CR PRO Find Purchase Order
    • This report now includes columns for the first issued date.     
  • CR PRO Find Suppliers
    • This report now includes the date when the supplier was created.
  • CR PRO Supplier Payments
    • We added the prompt ”Include Invoice Line Detail?“ If checked, it will return supplier invoice lines.
  • CR ROL Cost Center Role Assignments
    • We added columns for Position Budget Manager and Position Budget Specialist role assignments to this report.

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