New integration makes award set-up faster

The integration connecting Workday with MyResearch will be fully functioning by July 12, 2022. This new integration will make award setups more efficient, relieving administrative burden, and letting WSU researchers focus more on research.

Prior to the integration, it took an average of about 2 weeks for SPS to fully set up an award from the time it’s sent to SPS by ORSO. The new integration reduces that time by decreasing the manual and duplicative data entry needed to get an award created in Workday, and to increase the accuracy of new awards created.

The first phase of the integration launched in April, automating the creation of award header fields, award schedules, and award role assignments. Since May, the integration is averaging setting up 15 awards per week.

The second phase of the integration automates setting up everything else for new awards, other than Create Billing Schedule or Award Tasks, which SPS will continue to complete in Workday.

This integration can only create a new award, not update an award already created in Workday.

Grant managers may attend training on July 12 or July 19 to learn more about using this new integration. A training video and reference guide for grant managers is also in development.

Questions about the integration or training opportunities? Connect with the team collaborating to develop the integration here.