Second phase of award setup integration kicks off

Work continues on the integration between MyResearch and Workday that speeds up award setups and ensures consistency between the two systems.

The first phase of the integration launched in April. It automates creation of award header fields, award schedules, and award role assignments. Since May, the integration is averaging setting up 15 awards per week. We have resolved all errors, and Sponsored Programs Services (SPS) reports a positive response so far.

The second phase of the integration automates setting up everything else for new awards other than Create Billing Schedule or Award Tasks, which SPS will continue to complete in Workday. A pilot group of grant managers recommended by the Office of Research Support and Operations (ORSO) begin testing the second phase of the integration in MyResearch next week. The integration is planned to be fully functioning later this summer.

In addition to dramatically speeding up the new award setup process, this integration eliminates duplicate and manual data entry, improving accuracy between MyResearch and Workday. Ultimately, Principal Investigators (PIs) can start spending on their awards sooner.

Keep an eye out soon for a training video and reference guide about the integration.