Workday Stabilization period extended

In January 2022, we passed the one-year anniversary of the University-wide implementation of Workday. Since launch, we’ve been in an important stage called Stabilization.

During Stabilization, we focus on:

  • Ensuring that Workday functions according to design and community expectations by identifying and fixing system issues and implementing key updates.
  • Allowing time for the community to become confident in the use of Workday.
  • Continuing to provide opportunities to learn about Workday through communications and engagement.

After receiving feedback from personnel University-wide, we have decided to extend the Stabilization stage through December 21, 2022.

This extension gives us one more year to continue the work of stabilizing and adopting Workday, including addressing specific concerns brought to light in recent listening sessions with Area Finance Officers and administrative managers.

We encourage continued community feedback and engagement during this time.

If you have questions regarding this extension, please reach out using the Workday Service Desk.