Modernization has identified a gap in grant and award reports regarding F&A encumbrances. In legacy, the encumbrance occurred automatically. Unfortunately, Workday doesn’t have the ability to encumber F&A organically, which resulted in additional calculations needing to be done by grant managers, and PIs weren’t able to use their reports to view accurate available balances without manually encumbering F&A.

The first week of November, we are activating an integration which will encumber budgeted F&A and show this as an obligation on your grant reports. We are beginning the process on 11/1 and it will take about a week for the initial run to complete, and then it will run daily. Any grant that has expenditures will be impacted. Any grants that haven’t had expenditures charged to them won’t have the F&A encumbrance calculated until the first expenditure posts.

Starting November 8, you should be able to run the CR GRA SPS Award Budget to Actuals Summary report or the CR GRA SPS Award Lines Financial Summary report and see remaining F&A showing as an obligation, giving you a more realistic remaining balance. Principal Investigators can run the Grant PI-focused reports: CR GRA PI Award Budget to Actuals Summary and CR GRA PI Award Lines Financial Summary.