Known Issue: Searches for Programs and Program Hierarchies in Workday are not behaving as expected. Read on for workarounds while Workday addresses this issue.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: With the latest Feature Release, searches for Programs and Program Hierarchies are only working correctly when done manually. When typing in the search field, Programs and Program Hierarchies will no longer auto-fill, and searching for them returns 0 results.

We’ve logged a support ticket with Workday. Here are several workarounds you can use while this issue is resolved:

  • Enter “Program:” in the search field before typing the Program name. For example, Program: PG123456.
  • Enter the Program or Program Hierarchy number in the search field. When it returns 0 results, scroll down and select “All of Workday.” This will give you typical search results.

We will post any updates to the Known Issues page and link back to this post.