When we moved into Workday, we changed from employer health contribution costs (benefits) being charged once per month to twice per month to align with payroll. This resulted in an extra half month expense being charged in December 2020.

To make sure we are properly stating expenses for grants and other categories, we have removed the extra half month expense from unit cost centers, program, gifts, grants and projects and moved the charge to a University-level cost center. This ensures that unit-level cost centers, gifts, grants, programs, and projects will only have 12 months of expense per year, and that University financial statements will properly recognize this prepaid amount moving forward.

In addition, the budget office will adjust benefit allocations for December 2020 to reflect the removal of the expense on core funds.

If you have questions about grants, please contact Sponsored Programs Services (SPS). For accounting questions, please contact the Controller’s Office.

For questions about budget allocations related to benefits on core funds, please contact the Budget Office.