As the University continues to learn Workday, the Modernization Team is consistently updating materials from community feedback and regularly scheduled system updates. Find out how to stay in the loop with this week’s Workday tips and tricks.

Knowledge Base revisions

Workday updates are ongoing. While we’re always working to ensure our guides and videos are up to date, you may encounter minor discrepancies between these materials and the latest version of Workday.

To view when a Reference Guide or Knowledge Base article was last updated, scroll to the bottom of the article and choose “View article in new window.” Then you’ll find the “last modified” date under its title. If you select “view change,” you can see what changes were made, as well as a color-coded key of the change type.

You can also find a list of the most recently updated pages on the Knowledge Base home page. Look for this:

Workday maintenance

Workday receives monthly, quarterly, and biannual system updates to ensure its performance remains efficient while providing positive experiences for users. For example, in last weekend’s update, the system introduced changes to the “Back” Button and user preference updates via Workday Mobile. You can find the Workday maintenance schedule here and the Feature Release Hub here.

Modernization news

The Modernization news section posts important information about Workday, system updates, events, and common questions. You can stay up to date here.

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