Known Issue: Going forward, home address will originate in Workday instead of myWSU.

Estimated time of resolution: This change will take effect by Feb. 12, 2021.

Details: An accurate home address is a requirement for onboarding employees. An integration connects myWSU with Workday to sync addresses and other information. Because myWSU does not have data validation, it’s possible to enter a home address incorrectly. Workday does have data validation, so when the integration tries to push an incorrect address from myWSU into Workday, Workday won’t let the bad data in, and the integration fails.

To resolve this, home addresses will now be entered into Workday instead. Addresses entered into Workday will be pushed into myWSU through the integration instead of the other way around.

Entering home address is part of creating a pre-hire or editing an existing pre-hire. For detailed instructions, please see the newly updated Hire Reference Guide.