Read on for the latest report enhancements made and defects fixed in the last 2 weeks.

New Reports

  • CR PRO Foreign Spend Authorizations
    • This report identifies spend authorizations that use foreign expense items. You may specify the spend authorization status, payee, start date(s), and end date(s).
  • CR PRO Procurement Card Transaction Statistics
    • This report returns procurement card transaction statistics, including the number of transactions, sum of amounts, and average amount per transaction for the specified date range, cardholder, or other optional prompted fields.
  • CR PRO Find Procurement Card Transactions
    • This report allows you to find procurement card transactions, whether they have been verified or not. The report has optional prompts for procurement card, cardholder, procurement card data entry specialist, cardholder cost center or hierarchy, transaction date, posted date, or billing date. It returns data related to the transactions.

Report Enhancements

  • We’ve made enhancements to both the CR FIN Transaction Detail and CR FIN Transaction Detail Limited to Cost Center reports:
    • New columns added to both reports:
      • Created Date
      • Customer
      • External Committee Member
    • New prompts added to both reports:
      • Beginning Budget Date
      • Ending Budget Date
      • Beginning Creation Date
      • Ending Creation Date
    • CR PAY Workers with No Current or Future Dated Costing Allocation
      • A new column was added called “End Employment Date.”