We’ve updated the report CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved to help you view all of your employees.

We added additional “Time Block” fields to the report. This will allow you to view all of your employees, regardless of how many positions they have.

Action to take: If you have a mix of employees with multiple and single positions in your organization(s), you will want to run this report twice: Once using the “Time Block’s Supervisory Organization Hierarchy” as the filter, and once using the “Worker’s Supervisory Organization Hierarchy” as the filter. See the screenshot below.

  • Employees that have multiple positions will appear when the report is filtered by “Time Block’s Supervisory Organization Hierarchy.”
  • Employees that have only one position will appear when the report is run by the “Worker’s Supervisory Organization Hierarchy.”


Note: If you ran this report prior to this change this week, you may want to run the report again using both filtered views to make sure that all time entered but not submitted or approved in the past has been reconciled.