If you still need to submit PCard or CTA transactions for fiscal year 2021, you now now have until the end of the day this Friday (July 9) to do so.

When two months are open in Workday (as they are now), the document date determines the period where the transaction posts. The accounting date is modified by changing the document date when more than one period is open. Beginning on July 1, all transactions automatically posted to FY2022. If the expense needs to be transferred to FY2021, you can manually change the date to edit the accounting period. For more guidance on how to do this, join the Payments Team for a Q&A session and a demo of how to edit accounting dates this Thursday, July 8, at 9:30 a.m. Here is the Zoom link: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/97774024376?pwd=VTlhRk11TUVMSmRlYnpzbjVySm1pZz09

Visit the Fiscal Year End web page for additional details.

Note: This information also went directly to Procurement cardholders.