This update went directly to Finance and Administrative Officers (FAO) from Eric Rogers, Director of Purchasing Services. Here is a copy of the message.

Purchasing Services is working with the Modernization Team and the Controller’s Office on best practices for closing purchase orders. Reports and guidance for closing purchase orders will be forthcoming; however; with everyone being so busy with fiscal year end we wanted to communicate that purchase orders are not required to be closed prior to fiscal year end. Any purchase orders that have been fully receipted and fully paid will not create an obligation in the new fiscal year, but they will remain active and change orders can be processed against them if they are not closed out. It is also important to know that a closed purchase order can be re-opened if needed.

Please look for future guidance on closing out purchase orders and you can visit the Fiscal Year End web page for the latest updates at:

To best track inquiries regarding closing purchase orders, please submit them through the Workday Service Desk at: