Several payroll reports replaced

We’ve replaced two payroll reports with one new one to accommodate security requirements and make it easier to look back at hours for employees.

CR PAY 1050 Overview replaced both CR PAY Hours Paid Summary for Fixed Term Hourly and Student Undergraduate Employees and CR PAY Hours Worked Summary for Non-Student and Student Hourly Employees. Here are more details about the new report:

  • If an employee works in multiple cost centers/supervisory organizations, the report should be pulled for both areas so that the total hours are correct in the report. Otherwise, you will only see the hours for the position that is in the supervisory organization/cost center for which it is pulled.
  • This report only shows hours that have gone through payroll.
  • An employee may appear more than once in this report if they have multiple positions.
  • Monitor Begin Date has a column in this report, but there is currently no data to populate it yet.