Effort Certification process starting soon

Our first effort certification process in Workday kicks off this Friday, May 21. With the implementation of Workday, we combined the two summer periods in legacy to one period, reducing the certification process to three times per year. Principal Investigators (PIs), especially those with large research portfolios, should expect to receive notifications in their Workday inboxes for each non-faculty employee paid on their awards.  Faculty paid on awards will certify their own effort. PIs and Faculty will receive action items in their inbox after their Effort Certification Reviewer does the initial review. These will be summarized each day in their automated Workday Daily Digest email.

Here are some resources to help with the effort certification process:

  • Effort Certification Reference Guide: Step-by-step instructions for those initiating, reviewing, and approving effort.
  • Inbox filtering: To help keep notifications from becoming overwhelming, you can change the views in your Workday inbox to show only favorite or unread items. Here are more details about how to do this.
  • Delegation: If you’d like to delegate Effort Certification as a task, follow the instructions found in this guide.
  • Open Office Hours: We’ll continue to host Post-Award Grant Management and Effort Certification Open Office Hours every two weeks. Visit the Modernization Events Calendar for details and Zoom information.
  • Workday Service Desk: Still have questions? Contact us through the new Effort Reporting button.
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