This week’s tips and tricks article is all about viewing the notifications you want to see in Workday.

Whenever a due date approaches or a task is assigned to you, a notification pops up in the right-hand corner of Workday with a number on a bell icon. Select this bell icon to view your notifications.

While it isn’t possible to delete notifications, you can toggle your view so that only the unread ones will show up. You can follow the steps below:

  • Select the little blue open circle on a notification. A check mark will appear briefly, and then the circle will disappear. This marks the notification as read.

  • Above the list of notifications is a drop-down menu that says “Viewing: All.” Select the arrow and choose “Unread” to show only unread notifications.

A few things to note:

Once you switch this to viewing only unread notifications, it will stay that way even if you navigate away from the notifications section of Workday.

If you mark a notification as “read” while viewing only “unread” notifications, it won’t disappear right away. You’ll need to toggle to viewing “All” and then “Unread” again, or navigate away from notifications and back, in order for the change to take effect.

For more information about the Workday Inbox and notifications, view this Reference Guide. Also, you can view previous Workday Tips and Tricks here.