As the WSU community prepares for the launch of Workday on Dec. 16, the Modernization Initiative has prepared a checklist of items for all WSU faculty and staff to complete when the system becomes available.

The list includes five actions essential for a smooth transition to the new system, such as accessing and logging in to Workday, and entering time and leave ahead of the first paycheck from Workday.

Download and use the checklist for launch on Dec 16. to make sure you are prepared to use Workday.

Modernization will send another checklist for the Jan. 1 launch of Workday, at which point the system will be fully launched and employees will be able to complete financial transactions.

In addition to the checklist, feel free to share this launch poster throughout your areas.

As questions arise about Workday, employees are encouraged to visit the Workday Service Desk at to access reference materials and get help.