UW implementing Workday too

WSU isn’t the only one modernizing our systems. How are our peers approaching this?

Christine Galbreath (WSU grants analyst) and Nigel Chong-You (Deloitte grants lead) traveled to the University of Washington (UW) for a two-day Workday workshop this April to find out.

A man stands in front of a projection screen and talks to a room of seated people.
UW is also using Workday software. Ron Wagner, from Strategy and Operations at Workday, discusses how upcoming features will meet UW’s grants management needs.

UW implemented Workday for their HR and Payroll functions in summer 2018. A key takeaway from their first implementation is how critical it is to bring in people early in the process.

“You need the right people testing the right things at the right time,” Galbreath said.

UW is starting planning now to implement Workday for Finance and Grants in summer 2022. Their timeline is longer than ours, so we’re further into data mapping at this point. They are coming from a similarly old Finance system, so data cleanup and integrations are very important for them like they are for us.

UW is also working with Deloitte as their implementation partner.

UW’s team has similar questions and excitement about their transformation project. We’ll continue to collaborate with them and learn from each other.


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