Brant Schroeder

Cougar shield.


I’m a seasoned IT professional, project manager, and web guru (full stake developer). I am a capable leader with more than 20 years of IT experience. I focus on using technology to meet business needs and improving organizational processes through communication, team building, creativity, and service improvement. I am an advocate for smart organizational change through best practices, continual process improvement, shared vision, and adopting new technologies and strategies.

I’ve worn many hats in my career—programmer, coordinator, manager, writer, researcher, developer, database manager, marketer, project manager, advocate for change, and strategist. This unique blend of skills allows me to manage multidisciplinary projects and portfolios. My vast understanding of different technologies provides me with insights into navigating complex issues, problems, and challenges.

  • I have excellent insights and big ideas.
  • I don’t care who gets credit, I just want to succeed. 
  • Planning and execution are key. I know how to do both and help others succeed. 
  • I deliver.
  • I stay calm under fire.
  • Being organized is an obsession.
  • Communication is key and I am proficient at it. 
  • I enjoy developing those I manage or work with. I love seeing others succeed.

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