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Washington State University Modernization Team

Meet our Team

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Brant Schroeder

Business Intelligence, Data Conversion & Integrations 

Brant is a seasoned IT professional, project manager, and web guru (Full Stack Developer). He loves identifying issues, architecting solutions, and executing those solutions. Whether he is working alone or on a team, he feels that proper understanding of the problem, coupled with planning, will always lead to a sound solution.

In his current position as Enterprise System Project Manager, he indirectly oversees and works with several hundred people across WSU at any given time to ensure that projects stay on track and get completed on time.

He has worn many hats in his career: programmer, coordinator, manager, writer, researcher, developer, database manager, marketer, project manager, and strategist. This unique blend of skills allows him to manage multidisciplinary projects, and his understanding of different technologies provides him with insight into navigating complex issues, problems, and challenges.