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Washington State University Modernization Team

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Daniel Ornelas

Data Conversion

One of Daniel’s favorite quotes is “Never tell me the odds.” C3PO was an amazing computer able to compute probability in mere seconds. Daniel believes technology has improved by leaps and bounds since the making of the first Star Wars! He has been with Washington State University Enterprise Systems since October of 2017, with a background in Object Oriented Programming and Database Development. He is excited about the Workday Application because of how data is stored; Workday stores data as objects, which improves access time for faster responses.

Daniel’s primary function on the Modernization Project is to get all WSU data out of the mainframe into a format that conversion team members and analysts can access and upload into Workday.

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, gaming on Xbox, and continuing education in technologies. He is a huge Star Wars fan.