Modernization Orientation: A Site Tour

Essentials for Understanding Modernization and Workday

If you’re just diving in to the subjects of the Modernization Initiative and Workday, we know that it can be difficult to find the best place to start, let alone understand the bigger picture. To help beginners understand Modernization and Workday, we’ve created Modernization Orientation, a guide to navigating our website and resources for the fastest introduction to Modernization and Workday. 

Below, you’ll find a map of 10 Modernization web pages. We’ve put them in order, from the basics about Modernization’s history and Workday, all the way to more detailed information about changes and concepts, and ways to receive important project updates. This site tour gives you the essential information you need to understand the project, the system, and to begin to understand what it all means for you.

The Tour

1. About the Project: Overview 

This page includes a video introduction from Washington State University President Kirk Schulz, along with background information about the four main drivers for WSU’s decision to implement a new system for finance and administration, payroll, grants, and human resources. 

2. What is Workday?

Wondering what Workday really is? This page provides an overview of WSU’s new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and its capabilities. 

3. Project Scope

This page helps answer questions such as “What is Workday replacing?” and “What parts of my area will be affected by the implementation?” 

4. Timeline

The Project Timeline page provides information on each stage of implementation, going over what has already been accomplished to bring Workday to WSU,  what’s in store, and when it will all happen.

5. Change Overview

Workday will impact all employees of WSU in various ways. Wondering how implementing Workday will impact you? Start here.

6. Impacted Systems 

If you’re curious about a system you use being impacted by Workday, this page has answers for you. This regularly updated list of systems used at WSU indicates whether or not a given system will be replaced, integrated, or left untouched by the implementation of Workday. 

7. Workday Core Concepts 

Want to get a head start on how Workday will change the way we work at WSU? This page, which will expand as we get closer to launch, gives introductory information on major concepts users may need to understand to begin using the system. 

8. Implementation Decisions 

Wondering if our new system will enable WSU to deduct Idaho State income tax? How about the fate of AIS after Workday is implemented? This regularly updated page gives answers to some of the most important decisions project leadership has made on topics such as these.

9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Need some clarity on everything you’ve learned so far? The FAQ page gives insight to some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns brought to us by the University community. 

10. The Modernization Newsletter and Modern Times Blog

Want to stay connected, remain up-to-date on project decisions, updates, and developments, and be the first to know about events? By subscribing to the Modernization Newsletter and becoming a regular reader of the Modern Times blog, you can stay in the loop and out of the dark.