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Washington State University Modernization

Advisory Work Groups

Advisory Work Groups are small, concentrated groups of WSU experts who specialize in a specific functional area. Group members participated in Design Sessions, working closely in discussions with their peers as well as WSU Modernization and Deloitte analysts. These groups include members from multiple locations and perspectives, ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of the institution. Advisory Work Group members use their expertise and experience to review and inform decisions about business process configuration. They will actively identify policy changes, recommend solutions, and help gather information from their peers across units.

If you have any questions regarding a specific topic or function falling under the jurisdiction of a particular work group, please contact the group chairperson at the indicated email. 

In an effort to foster project transparency, full Advisory Work Group rosters are available upon request. Please email with questions or feedback.

Work GroupSubject of FocusChairEmail
Banking and SettlementBankingGerik
BenefitsEmployee benefits elegibility and administrationWendy
BudgetManaging BudgetsGerik
Business AssetsFixed Assets, PropertyGerik
Card ProgramsPcard, Travel, Fuel and Central Travel Account processingKen
CompensationEmployee compensationJoe
Core FinanceGeneral Ledger AccountingGerik
Effort Certification Managing Effort Certification for grantsCarrie
EndowmentEndowments and GiftsGerik Kimble
Financial Reporting (External)External Financial Reporting (e.g. annual financial report)Gerik
Foundation Data ModelThe Foundation Data Model, which includes the chart of accounts and data frameworkGerik
GrantFinancial Grant/Research AdministrationCarrie
HCM CoreCore HR functionality in Workday (create a position, add a job, other staffing events)Jim
Identity ManagementManaging identities (customers, vendors, library patrons, etc.) for business processesGeorge
InventoryConsumable inventory managementGeorge
Leave and AbsenceEmployee leave and absenceEmily
PayrollPayroll processingBrigham
Position BudgetingManaging personnel expense, position and benefits budgetsBrigham
ProcurementProcurement of goods and servicesDavid
ProjectsWorkday project functionalityCarrie
RecruitmentEmployee recruitment actvities for faculty and staffSabrina
ReportingHR and Finance Reporting in WorkdayJason
Revenue & Accounts Receivable Processing revenue and Accounts ReceivableGerik
SecurityWorkday security framework and permissionsDave
Service CentersService center financial administrationGerik
Supervisory OrgSupervisory org structureWendy
Supplier AccountsVendor account management, catalogsDavid
TaxTax accounting in WorkdayGerik
Time TrackingEmployee time trackingDora
Travel and Employee ReimbursementsTravel processing and employee expense reimbursementsKen