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Washington State University Modernization Team

Meet our Team

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Cameron Zapf

Business Intelligence & Reporting 


Cameron Zapf has worked for seven years as a Data Architect at Washington State University, with a primary focus on minimizing the technical barriers that often exist between a user and the information they need. He has experience at all levels of the process; from the underlying technical build out, to developing dashboards and reports, to working with business analysts and conducting stakeholder interviews to discern requirements.

Cameron is excited to explore Workday from a business intelligence perspective, and to use the knowledge gained to deliver even more valuable insights to both users and executive leadership. He is eager to take on the challenge of integrating Workday data with existing student and financial data warehouses, and looks forward to working with experts from all areas to deliver a reporting experience to the end user that is both intuitive and visually pleasing.

In his spare time, he like to play games with his family, play basketball, and read. He currently works remotely from South Carolina. His office is decked out in all things Star Trek-related.