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Washington State University Modernization


Since the 1980s, WSU has opened five additional campuses, employed almost 4,000 more faculty and staff, and doubled its research expenditures and quintupled its operating budget.

And yet, in that time, no changes have been made to the core processes and systems that support it all. These legacy processes and system are paperwork heavy, ineffective, and at risk for failure with every passing year. It is time for a change. That is what the Modernization Initiative is all about, it is a push to update the human resource, payroll, and financial processes and systems to support our university today and for years to come.


  • Eliminate business continuity failure and compliance risk associated with continued operation of legacy HR, Payroll and Finance processes and systems
  • Deploy modern, effective, and efficient human resource, payroll, and finance services based on industry best practices to support the growing academic and interdisciplinary research enterprise
  • Replace inefficient paper based processes with intuitive online workflow on multiple devices
  • Enable real time analytics to support daily operations of the university at all levels
  • Leapfrog traditional systems deployed in the last 20 years to a modern and nimble software service focused on business process design
  • Empower users to perform critical work in a modern way on the device of their choice
  • Work in a spirit of shared governance and open communication to effectively foster change

Simply Said: Ensure, Embrace, End, Encourage

Ensure continuity of university operations

Embrace modern, scalable and standardized processes to support growth

End costly inefficient and ineffective processes

Encourage data enabled decision making and budget management