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Washington State University News

New time clock validation will help prevent duplicate check-ins

A new validation step to assist time-clock employees in preventing unintentional check-ins or duplicate time blocks will be implemented with the upcoming Workday Feature Release.

Beginning September 11, 2021, employees will be prompted to validate additional attempts to check in to their shift after they have checked in once. To continue and complete a duplicate check in, the employee must select a box acknowledging that they have already checked in. » More …

Reminder: Month end close this Friday

Month end close for August is approaching, and there are 86 journals still in progress. Please either cancel or make sure journals and accounting adjustments are approved by close of business this Friday, September 3. This is when General Accounting will close the month of August.

After September 3, General Accounting will change the date of any open manual journals that have an accounting date prior to September 1. Doing this will send the journal back to the initiator, restarting the approval process.

Note: This information also went directly to Cost Center Managers, Gift Managers, Grant Managers, Program Managers, and Project Managers.

Modernization beginning additional projects

While continuing to support Workday, the Modernization Team will also work on several new projects. These include:

  • Replacing our aging point of sale system, Core/OneStep, with TouchNet
  • Implementing long-awaited multi-state taxation for all WSU employees

Going forward, the Modernization newsletter will cover high-level updates for all projects. Subscribe here.

For detailed updates about Workday, subscribe to the Workday Digest.