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Washington State University Emily Bailes

Issue Update: Payroll Results View disabled

Known Issue: Several Workday reports for payroll and time and absence are being rewritten to account for Payroll Results View being disabled previously due to a security concern.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: Disabling Payroll Results View from the worker profile in Workday due to a security concern caused the two payroll result lines (Pay Period and Retro) to no longer appear in reports.

While we still do not have a permanent solution for viewing Retro, there are several workarounds for Pay Period. One of these is rewriting the following Workday reports to pull that data from a different source: » More …

Issue Resolved: Current year revenues and receivables

Known Issue: Current year revenues from myWSU are now loaded into Workday.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved.

Details: Previously you may have noticed that some of your revenues and receivables from the student system (MyWSU) appeared to be missing in Workday. Today, General Accounting and Modernization posted a journal entry to move the accrued revenue to revenue in cost centers/programs in Workday, as well as to post the open receivables against that revenue.

Reminder: Process open accounting journals by April 28

It’s nearly month end close, which means it’s time to process or cancel your open accounting journals. Journals that are in the “In Progress” status prevent the month from being closed. Please process or delete any In Progress journals by the end of the day on April 28. This includes journals that have been sent back for corrections.

To find In Progress journals, run the Find Journals report in Workday with the following fields populated: » More …

Issue: Time off balances showing incorrectly in Workday inboxes

Known Issue: Projected time off balances are showing incorrectly in managers’ inboxes in Workday.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: We’ve become aware of an issue where projected time off balances show incorrectly in managers’ (or their delegates’) inboxes in Workday. Workday is aware of this issue and working on a solution. Until this is resolved, Time Approvers can still view correct leave balances in the worker’s absence calendar. The screenshot below shows where the incorrect balances are listed. » More …

Issue: Access to Review Time report

Known Issue: Access to the Review Time report in Workday has changed. An alternative report provides the same information: CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved.

Estimated Time to Resolution: N/A

Details: A security change has made the Workday delivered report Review Time unavailable for roles other than Time Approver. HR Partners and Time Keepers that were pulling this report should now pull the CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved report, which provides the same information.