Purchasing Services to close old purchase orders

Purchasing Services will mass close all purchase orders (POs) older than July 1, 2021, in Workday. This action will help clean up budgets, receipt accrual expenditures, and obligations. This will happen by June 30, 2022. Some purchase orders migrated from legacy did not get closed out, and there are large dollar amounts connected with these […]

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Summer Qualified Tuition Reduction will post with June 25 paycheck

The summer Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) for students will post with the June 25 paycheck. Employees will see this listed on their payslips as a contribution made on their behalf. Departments will see the charge hit their budgets on June 25, as well as in their budget to actuals or grant reports. The cutoff date […]

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Processing error correction

The month of February was inadvertently opened in the month of May due to a processing error. This resulted in a handful of departmental transactions posting in February that should have posted in May. You might see in and out entries to correct the transactions when you are reviewing reports. This is where we reversed […]

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Employer rate for health benefits increasing this July

The Washington State Health Care Authority has announced the new employer contribution rate for health benefits of $1130 per employee per month, effective July 1, 2022. This is increasing from the current $936 per month rate, and will be effective through June 30, 2023, for fiscal year 2022-2023. Departments will see this change hit their […]

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June reporting updates

Here are modified reports for the month of June. Report Modifications Human Resources CR HCM Employee Snapshot Expected End Date and Actual End Date are now included as columns in this report. These are from the hourly or salary compensation plan for the worker’s position(s). These dates are not returned for other compensation plans (e.g., […]

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Second phase of award setup integration kicks off

Work continues on the integration between MyResearch and Workday that speeds up award setups and ensures consistency between the two systems. The first phase of the integration launched in April. It automates creation of award header fields, award schedules, and award role assignments. Since May, the integration is averaging setting up 15 awards per week. […]

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Award Analyst role successfully removed from Workday

As reported previously, we completed removing the Award Analyst security role from Workday this week. Why did we remove this role? The Award Analyst security role was assigned at the award header level in Workday to give visibility to all award lines in reports. It had to be assigned to each individual award, which was […]

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Sign up for Workday training opportunities

Are you new to WSU, or have you recently been assigned a new role or responsibilities? We have added additional training sessions for the following courses:  Workday Reporting Basics  Verify Procurement Card Transaction Position Budgeting (New!) Workday Reporting for PIs You can easily enroll by selecting the links above. Please note you must be logged […]

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New glossary of gift terms

In partnership with the WSU Foundation, we have released a complete list of terms and definitions. This new resource is designed to help gift managers, development officers, and those who have gifts and endowments in their areas better understand key terminology, roles, and how information is processed in Workday.  Access the new WSU Key Gift Terms […]

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Workday Today coming soon

Beginning in a couple months, WSU will start using Workday Today, a collection of updates to how information is displayed and organized. This will impact the layout of the home page, as well as how search results show up. Workday Today is designed to make navigation easier and help you organize and complete your tasks. […]

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